From The East


“As the sun rises in the East…”

Fraternal greetings my brothers,

 We had an amazing last month my brothers, we have a new Entered Apprentice in Brother Tyler Hendricks and all of the officers did an amazing job with the degree. We kicked off the  Past Master’s cafe club and went well. At the time of this writing, we should have had our financial advisor meeting for our lodge investments and rounded off the month with our very first charity work at the Mission House. This coming month we have more activities scheduled;  April 1st we have been invited to attend RW Jeff Starke’s last official visit at Madarin lodge 6:30pm dinner 7:30pm meeting. April 6th we will have a presentation by the Scottish-Rite at our Lodge at 7:30pm and my first program of the year will take place on April 20th, Past Master’s Night at Duval lodge at 7:30pm.  The Past Master’s cafe club will again be at the lodge at around 8:30am on April 24th  and the Officer’s meeting will be at Duval Lodge on April 27th at 7pm. I can not stress enough the support that Duval Lodge has given me during my year in the East, having the caliber of brethren that I have is priceless. 


W⸫ Roberto Martinez Jr
Worshipful Master

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