The Secretary’s Desk

My Brothers,

The second dues notices have been sent out.  If you haven’t paid yet, you urgently need to pay or contact the lodge right away before you become NPD.

We will be passing five brothers to the degree of Fellow Craft and will be initiating seven new Entered Apprentices this month.  So please, show your support by attending these degrees!

A big thank you to the Widow Sons for putting on the recent Fellow Craft degree for us, and a big thank you to our District Instructor for the work that he is doing not just for us, but for all the Brothers and Lodges in our District.

At the stated communication on Sept. 1, 2020, we elected Bro. Robert Martinez Jr. as Junior Warden to fill the chair of Bro. Shaun Delong, who was called to the Celestial Temple on June 3rd following a courageous 15-month battle with pancreatic cancer.  Until his official election and installation on September 1st, Bro. Martinez had been serving in the position pro tem.  But our Grand Master recently gave us dispensation to hold the election and officially install him Junior Warden for the reminder of the term.

That same night we also elected two new candidates to receive the degrees of Masonry, a candidate for dual membership, and candidate for reinstatement.  We were also priviledged to have our newly raised Brothers perform their Master Mason Catechism that night as well.  It was a Busy night our first meeting back!

Finally, I want to remind everyone: please do not forget about the Christmas Party!  We need to start planning this NOW!  The party is scheduled for December 18th, 2020, and is for the whole family and friends.


W⸫ Bill Watson, PM

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