The Secretary’s Desk


A few things to bring up.  First: please note we will be having a Master Mason degree on Saturday, July 25th for the following Brothers: Cody Charles, Thomas Kyle, Patric Taylor, Dino Lawrence Vasquez, Widel Decias, Elton Shawn, and Leon Rice. So please make a note of this.

We will be Dark in August but will be practicing the EA degree on Saturdays at 5pm.

I sent out dues notices for 29 brothers and so far I have received dues from 10 of them. Please, if you need to make payments call me and we can work something out. For you brothers that are perpetual membership your dues have been paid but do not forget the LYPMGS, The Masonic Home of $7.30 or the $5.00 building fund.  Yes, this is voluntarily, but would help out greatly.  Also for you 50-year members, thank you for your contributions and please, for the ones that have not, if you can spare it then please do so willingly.

Looks like September is going to be busy with 7, maybe 8 candidates being initiated Entered Apprentices.  On August 26th, we have 4 Entered Apprentices that will be passed to the Fellow Craft degree.  On September 8th, the Widow Sons will be putting that degree on here at Duval Lodge.

Please plan to attend the meetings and the degrees and show your support.

Have a safe 4th of July!


W⸫ Bill Watson, PM

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