Reflections on 2019


The 2019 Masonic year was another touchstone year for Duval Lodge.  Under the leadership of our now junior Past Master, W⸫ Randall Boyd, the Lodge again welcomed nearly a dozen new brothers into the degrees of Freemasonry!

W⸫ Boyd set a high standard for the officers of his Lodge, raising the bar on everything from appearance and dress code inside the Lodge to ritual performance, with a particular focus on degree work.  Because of this attention, Duval Lodge continues to be celebrated for its excellence in ritual delivery.

W⸫ Darrell M. Cleveland, much esteemed for his efforts in support of the revitalization of our fellowship over recent years, ascended to the Oriental Chair on December 28th to become the 113th Master of Duval Lodge.

W⸫ Cleveland will continue to push the Lodge in its ritual excellence and wishes additionally to focus on the brethren’s use and understanding of parliamentary procedure.  W⸫ Cleveland also has a passion for Masonic education and has said that one of his aims is to bring more quality Masonic education programs into our communications.  W⸫ Cleveland brings his own unique style and vision to the East, and we are excited to see how this year takes shape under his stewardship!

W⸫ Bill Watson achieved the milestone of becoming the first new Secretary of Duval Lodge in over a decade, upon the retirement of our esteemed Worshipful Brother Willard O. Sanders from the post due to health concerns earlier this year.  All our thoughts and prayers are with W⸫ Sanders and his loved ones as he faces the sunset of his life.

Which draws to my mind the words of Albert Pike who said, “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”  W⸫ Will Sanders has left an indelible mark on our Lodge and upon our hearts, and his contributions to our fellowship will certainly remain and be immortal.

And once again let us all say with open hearts and open arms to all our Lodge’s newest brothers, “WELCOME!”  Welcome to the fraternity!  Welcome to the incredibly rich heritage and history which is now your due and just inheritance.  Welcome to the light; for the light of Masonry will elevate you in thought, word, and deed.  We are delighted you’ve become a part of our Lodge family!

For my part, I have had the honor to serve the Lodge as your webmaster and social media coordinator for the last four years.  And it will be my honor to continue in that role for as many more as should please the Lodge for me to do it.  I thank you all, my brethren, for your contributions to our Lodge, for the love and charity you show to each other and to the community, and for your passion to keep and to pass the morals, principles, and mysteries of Freemasonry onto the next generation.

Lastly, a final CONGRATULATIONS to W⸫ Cleveland and the 2020 officers of Duval Lodge!  May your year be filled with success and blessings, both personal and fraternal!

Kindest fraternal regards,

Bro. E.J. Christy

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