Reflections on 2018


Our Lodge held its final communication of 2018 last night, and it is a pleasure, truly, to use the occasion to reflect on the year that is passing from us.

Our Lodge is able to boast a great many accomplishments over the last year, owing to the service and dedication of so many brothers who gave selflessly of their time and talents.  Our Lodge welcomed over a dozen new brothers into the degrees of Freemasonry in 2018!

Much thanks for this success is owed to our (retiring) Brother in the East,  W⸫ Theodore Burke, the 111th Master of Duval Lodge.  W⸫ Ted was steadfast, and set a demanding schedule of standard ritual and degree practice, encouraging us as a Lodge to continue to strive for excellence in the delivery of our rites.  This, to increasingly impress—effectively—upon newly-initiated, passed, and raised brothers the mystery and light of Masonry.  Worshipful Brother, Thank you!  Thank you for your leadership and vision!

Our Worshipful Master-Elect, Bro. Randall Boyd, finishes his term as Senior Warden looking to the Oriental Chair.  And we as a Lodge are looking forward to his service in the East, where he will no doubt continue to focus on the Lodge’s ritual excellence, while fearlessly showcasing his own voice and style in the tenor of his gavel.

A parade of unrivaled culinary achievements will be the legacy of our Junior Warden, Bro. Darrell Cleveland, who now looks to the West.  The brethren of our Lodge truly feasted this year, night after night, none going away unsatisfied, and always looking forward to the next occasion upon which they could enjoy Bro. Darrell’s delicious fare.

To all our Lodge’s new brethren we say with open hearts and open arms, “WELCOME!”  Welcome to the fraternity!  Welcome to the incredibly rich heritage and history which is now your due and just inheritance.  Welcome to the light; for the light of Masonry will elevate you in thought, word, and deed.  We are delighted you’ve become a part of our Lodge family!

To all our Lodge officers, you have so much to feel good about, for you have served the Lodge over the course of this year so much better than we could have asked for.  And for that, we all thank and salute you!

Kindest fraternal regards,

Bro. E.J. Christy

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