From The East


“As the sun rises in the East…”

Greetings Brothers

Thank all who were involved in our recent degrees and all who attended, especially our D.D.G.M., R⸫W⸫ Freddie Valasco! Without the tremendous support of the officers and brothers they would not have been as successful as we were.  The meals prepared by our Junior Warden, Darrell Cleveland, have been amazing!  My thanks to him as well as to his hard working staff.

I am asking every brother who has not already done so to consider how they would like to close out this year.  I have said in the past that if you have an idea, event, fundraiser, etc., do not hesitate to bring it before the Lodge.  Alternatively, maybe you are looking to attend more Lodge meetings, start your path as a lodge officer, or be an active degree team member.  There are many ways a brother can help the Lodge, themselves and other brothers.  Ultimately it is each our responsibility to address our own goals, identify ways to improve an help the Lodge be successful.

As a reminder we will be looking for 2019 officer nominations.  I look forward to seeing you in lodge!

Lastly to all my brothers, thank you for your service and support!


W⸫ Theodore Burke
Worshipful Master

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