From The East


“As the sun rises in the East…”

My Brethren,

When we started this year, two of my goals dealt with Masonic education and Craft participation. To date, YOU (Duval Lodge No. 159) have surpassed expectations and set a precedent for our all of us.  I can only imagine that we will expound on the strides and accomplishments made thus far.  I will continue to emphasize the importance of our education program, moreover the importance of adhering to our Masonic doctrine.  Meaning, implementing what the text state, not how some interpret things ‘ought’ to be.  Craft participation was recently highlighted during our recent 2018 Annual Grand Communication in Orlando.  Duval Lodge No. 159 had ten members representing and present.  That is outstanding!  Additionally, after a large number of our members attended Ribault Lodge No. 272, we were able to retrieve our Traveling Trowel.  I am looking forward to returning the favor; continuing to meet, greet, and break bread with other Lodges.

Although we have not officially elected to go dark for a summer month, I am anticipating the month of August will be our chosen time frame.  Future Degree practices during that time are TBD.

Lastly, I would like impress the importance of charity.  I encourage everyone to continue contributions to the Charity of the Quarter, L.Y.P.M.G.S.  As always, donate within our capabilities.  This program was initiated in 1958 with the intention to utilize donations in operating the Masonic Home.  Any amount will and does help.  Thank you for your support.


W⸫ Theodore Burke
Worshipful Master

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