The Western Wind


“As the sun is in the West…”

My Brothers,

It’s now September, and we have had a few weeks without Stated Communication.  I tend to view this as a reflection period on where we have been and ensuring the compass is oriented correctly going forward.

One of my reflections has been on an important function of Masonry; to make Master Masons. I understand this not to be a turnstile of men, making their way through the Degrees of Freemasonry. Rather, it is the important responsibility of all Master Masons, ensuring we are educating and guiding those looking to become Master Masons. It is easy to rely on educational events or lodge instructors to fulfill this task. However, these are in place as supplemental initiatives. Becoming a Master Mason and carrying ourselves as Master Masons, rests on the collective members of the lodge.

The WM is maintaining our charitable donations to the Sulzbacher Center. If you have questions on how or what to donate, please contact one of the Lodge Officers.


Ted Burke
Senior Warden

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