The Western Wind


“As the sun is in the West…”

My Dear Brothers,

We continue to see the great accomplishments of our new members as they advance through the degrees of Freemasonry. Congratulations to them on their progress.

I would also like to say congratulations and thank you to Past Master W⸫ Bill Watson and our Senior Deacon, Darrell Cleveland for their continued hard work and dedication. These brothers emulate Freemasonry by devoting themselves to educating new members.

If you haven’t been to the Lodge recently, you should make a point to stop by. With help from the brethren, the Junior Warden has worked hard to sustain the first Saturday of the month for Lodge cleanup and breakfast. The results are outstanding! On that, all I will say is, fresh paint!

If you have an activity or idea you think the brethren could take part in, be sure to bring it up at one of our meetings.

I would like to ask you: why did you become a Mason? We all have our reasons why we joined. For some, it was following in the footsteps of a family member or family tradition. For some, it had more to do with helping the community or those in need. But really, why did you join the world’s oldest fraternity? When you see me in the Lodge, ask me this question and I will be happy to share my own reasons and talk to you about yours.

I look forward to seeing you in the Lodge.

In Faith,

Ted Burke
Senior Warden

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