Southern Exposure


“As the sun is in the South…”

Greetings From The South, 

What a wonderful sight it was this past month to see the Brothers coming together in unity and harmony for work and instruction as Brothers should. 

I would like to thank those certain Brothers for assisting me in the kitchen with feeding the craft which proved to be busy. Thank you deeply for all your hard and dedicated work. 

We must continue to push onward and keep up the hard work. For this month you can look forward to new and exciting meals, as well as an upcoming clean up day at our lodge where we will fix,clean, and perform any preventative maintenance that needs to be done at our home. A date for this will be issued shortly, and all hands willing to help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing you all. 

God Bless my Brothers


Hoping to see you in Lodge!

Bro. Michael Fay
Junior Warden

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